How? How?? How???

How does it work?

  • Well, it's very simple, you order everything online, wait for text/email confirmation, then pickup from our location. Need more details?
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     Why not traditional way of Indian Grocery Shopping?

    • Traditional way of Indian Grocery Shopping is still awesome, however with our fast pace of life, everyone would appreciate extra time in their life, and that is our main goal and of course, save lots of $$ for you too!
    • No price tag mismatches, what you see online is what you pay
    • You don't need to remember what is where and many aisles, our powerful search engine gives you what exactly you are looking for!
    • No more moving big shopping cart and bumping into other customers

    Are the prices same as Traditional Grocery Stores?

    • NO!!! Our prices are much lower than traditional grocery stores, check it out

    How do I update my Address and Phone Number?

    • Login, Click on your name on top right corner, then click on Update Address link

    I can't find the Item or the Brand that I'm looking for..

    • We try to support many brands and items, however, there is always something new that we can carry. Please send us details via the menu link @tiw>Contact Us we promise to try our best to bring it to you! 

    When can I pick up my order?

    • As soon as you get the text/email confirmation message, we usually get your order ready within an hour during business hours
    • We will hold your orders for 2 days for you to pick up

    Is Delivery available?

    • Coming Soon - Our aim is to bring you delivery service before 2018 winter, we're crossing our fingers!!

    Any more questions? Please contact us via the menu link @tiw>Contact Us